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The essential oil of Celery is an antioxidant and has antispasmodic properties which define it well and which is the major highlight of this oil.

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The essential oil of Celery is an antioxidant and has antispasmodic properties which define it well and which is the major highlight of this oil. The reasons to use oil extracted from the celery seed are many and these reasons must be understood well before starting to use the oil. The Celery seed oil washistorically used for easing and soothing physical discomforts the oil supports healthy liver function and digestive system.There is a specific compound present in celery for which proper research was conducted and researchers came to a conclusion that the oil can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. The oil is properly steam distilled from the dried seeds which are originally grown in the Mediterranean region. Celery is approved as a food by FDA thus is not considered harmful for consumption. The plant grows as a stalk to a height of two to three feet, and the seed is harvested from the flowers.

The seeds of Celery plant are tiny, tan and dark brown in color, the taste is spicy and a strong aroma defines this oil. The seeds are high on antioxidants and you will find the powerful healing compound in it which is worth for every person. Its warm aroma is very calming and relaxing which is why people love it for its amazing attributes. High in Vitamin-C the oil is highly beneficial for those who are dealing with issues caused due to calcium deficiencies. Celery seed oil has produced sedative effects it has been used in herbal medicine to treat arthritis, nervousness, hysteria and various other conditions.

Uses of Celery Seed Oil:

  • The seed is used as a diuretic and as a treatment for arthritis and rheumatism. The celery seed oil produces sedative effect.
  • Celery seed oil is used in lowering blood pressure. It is also being used as an alternative treatment for gout, fibromyalgia, painful gas and bloating.
  • Celery seed oil has some sedative effects and is used for anxiety and nervousness. It reduces the tension and the fragrance helps you feel better.
  • It is used to uplift the senses and feel positive, people use celery seed oil to relax their mind and body.

Benefits of Celery Seed Oil:

  • The oil nullifies the effects of free radicals in the body that can cause severe chain effects which ultimately lead to cancer.
  • The appetizing flavor of theCelery Seed Oil can be used to add charm to your dish it will make it mouthwatering just by its amazing fragrance.
  • In ancient Indians the oil was used as an effective medicine so as to treat various health issues and now with time it has become worth trying.
  • The aroma of Celery Seed Oil has very calming effect on the mind and the body thus is v\widely used for aromatherapy to calm the mind and any stress.
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