Ageing is a process that we all have to come to terms with but premature
ageing is hard to fathom and difficult to accept. Hair greying, wrinkles, and loss
of vitality is associated with ageing.
Ageing can speed up due to many factors such as prolonged exposure to toxic
substances, stress, and excessive consumption of food and beverages that are
harmful to the human body.

It's good to note that diverse natural remedies are available to reduce the
physical manifestation of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage.
Essential oils hold the key to revitalize the cells and possibly reverse or slow
down the process.
As the ageing process begins, the skin becomes less elastic, wrinkles become
more visible as the body loses collagen and hair begins to thin and grey at an
exponential rate.
The following essential oils help to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair and skin:

Carrot seed oil
This is a popular oil that is added to most sunscreen products. Sun damage is
often one of the earliest signs of premature ageing. This oil can also be added
to our skincare routine. This oil possesses vitamins A and E which are
antioxidants that help in damaged cell repair, and protection from harmful free
radicals and sun damage. The body's repair mechanism will be effective when
this oil is regularly administered as a moisturizer for both skin and hair thereby
preventing wrinkles and stretch marks from appearing incessantly.

Clary sage oil
The thinnest skin on the body is located near the eyes and it is an indicator of
the ageing process. Clary sage oil can act as an astringent which can help
reduce skin sagging by tightening the skin in that region of the eyes thereby
eliminating dark circles and fine lines.

Sage essential oil is also used in the treatment of hair loss and other hair
disorders because it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and with minerals like calcium
and potassium, which are necessary elements for the human body.

Frankincense oil
This aromatic oil has been used for ages and it helps the body to regenerate
new skin cells. It also adds elasticity and tightness to the skin and adds an even
tone by removing ageing, spots and sunspots.

Jojoba oil
This oil is derived from the jojoba seed and is extensively used in cosmetic
formulations as it retains moisture without clogging pores. It is has been
mostly utilized and know for its efficacy in anti-ageing and healing properties
for both skin and hair. It contains potent fatty acids such as oleic, stearic, and
palmitic acids. These fatty acid components help to delay the signs of ageing
including fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in regards to dry skin as well by
improving collagen synthesis. Ample evidence has suggested that when used
as a conditioner, it protects against drying, split ends, dandruff and improves
scalp health while adding softness to the hair.

Pomegranate oil
This oil is acquired from a tasty fruit that is quite popular in modern times. It's
been known to have antioxidant properties and reduced oxidative stress and
hence prevents the formation of wrinkles.
Same as the fruit, the oil also processes a high level of antioxidants which in
turn protects the skin from free radicals that enter the body due to pollution
and bad diet. The removal of free radicals encourages skin cell repair and
regeneration. Vitamin c present in pomegranate oil adds collagen to the skin
which is the main building block for skin elasticity.

Rose oil

This aromatic essential oil is gotten from the sweet-smelling Rose plant. It had
been known to brighten up dull and ageing skin. It stimulates blood flow which
gives a youthful glow and also stimulates the body's production of collagen.
This essential oil also clears acne, moisturizes skin, and reduces the telltale
signs of ageing. It can also be added to hair toner to add fragrance and shine to
the hair.

The antioxidant, astringent, and mineral properties of these oils will slow down
ageing on the hair and skin. With the natural effect of the active ingredient of
the above listed essential oils, the greying, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles
will be reduced. Care should be taken to apply them as instructed on the bottle
leaflet for the best results.
Remember to apply a little drop on your skin to check for any form of allergic
reaction since some skin types are more sensitive to others