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Late Lala Jugal Kishore Mehrotra initiated the family business of natural attars, fragrance compounds, floral water & essential oils in 1950 Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, (India), and created employment not only for family members but also for many other families in town and out of the city. Since 1950 our traditional method of extraction of different kinds of essential oils , floral water , etc is still alive. The process involved in this is hydro-distillation "Deg-Bhapka" setup. The material is cooked with heat commonly known as 'bhatti' & collected via a duct system in smaller pots, Commonly known as ' Bhapka ' , which is made of pure copper material. The ' DEG- BHAPKA ' is made of pure copper and the tubes or ( the connector between ' Pot and Receiver ' i.e deg bhapka ) is made of Bamboo.The sealant is modified or refined clay. The receiver i.e bhapka is condensed in the conenser commonly known as ' gacchi ' It’s an ongoing process. We just refill and change the collecting apparatus.Different Essential Oil needs different time for the extraction process through this traditional method of deg bhapka. That's the beauty of traditional method of extraction in entire world which is unique and thus stand out from other manufacturers , Irrespective of setup used, no amount of air leaks out. We offer Authentic Indian Kannauj perfumes, pure fragrance, essential oils, original finest quality 100% natural products, We do export attar and essential oil finest quality grade 1 From Kannauj, City of attar to across the world such as UK, US Canada and Middle East. WORLD RENOWNED MITTI ATTAR , by Meena Perfumery The process takes about 20-25 working days , Clay is extracted from the topsoil and baked in a kiln, then immersed in water within copper cauldrons called 'degs', which are then sealed with earth. “First, it is made into a soft dough, then flattened into discs, which are baked at a fairly high temperature to prepare them for hydro-distillation.” A cow-dung fire is then lit underneath the cauldron and the vapour travels through bamboo pipes to condense in receivers, over a base of oil, to form the attar. The process is called hydro-distillation. The attar is stored in leather bottles, which absorb the moisture and further concentrate the fragrance. Thus, this traditionally made Mitti Attar is exported to many countries through Meena Perfumery. Meena Perfumery is a carefully designed family business of Natural attars, Essential Oils, Fragrance compounds and much more. Our aromatic umbrella aims to cover all your fragrance and essential oil needs, ranging from personal care to home care and everything in between. With over 73 years of experience, Meena Perfumery has become a trusted touchstone in the fragrance, flavour and essential oil industry. Our all-encompassing approach, conscientious attention to detail and innovative practices set us apart from the competition. A mere trading house upon its inception, formed under the leadership of Mr Rajat Mehrotra , Mr Amit Mehrotra , is now a benchmark in the fragrance , flavour and essential oil industry. The outcome of our diligent practices is a wide array of ventures, which involves top-notch expertise in manufacturing, trading, and designing to list a few. Such a large service arena is a consequence of our innovative practices and a genuine commitment to growth and ethical principles, something the group firmly stands for and has emphasised throughout its business processes. With years of experience and a desire to provide services aimed at utmost customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver nothing but the best of our multiple business operations. Connect with us today and let us take care of your fragrance , flavour and essential oil needs that capture the essence of your brand. Let’s collaborate to create memorable scents that leave a lasting impact on your customers.