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Attar Dehnul Oud

Attar Dehnul Oud
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This Dehnul Oud attar is a pleasing woody masculine fragrance. It is made from natural agarwood. Oudh/Aloeswood derived from an Agarwood tree . It being scarce and the hundreds of years it takes for the resin to form from mold on the tree. Dehnul Oud is the epitome of the classic Oudh fragrance. It possesses a deep, earthy, musky, and potent aroma. It is the perfume of the mystics, the wise and the aware. It is a complex aroma with many nuances, deep and ethereal.

It is recommended by experienced practitioners for providing motivation and devotion to meditation. It brings communication with the transcendent, refreshes the mind and body, takes away exhaustion, removes impurities, expels negative energies, brings alertness, relieves anxiety, invokes a sense of strength and peace, creating natural order in your sacred living areas and it is also a companion in solitude.

Always dilute to 5% or less before using on the skin. Apply a small amount, about a drop or less, to the skin on your inner arm. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs. Keep all essential oils, perfume oils and fragrance products away from eyes and mucous membranes. If any oil gets in the eye rinse with full fat milk.

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