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Saffron Attar

Saffron Attar
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Saffron Attar is also sometimes called Kesar Attar, one of the most popular and skin tone balancing oil. It can also be used in food flavouring and soap making. We can prepare bulk lot in targeted prices for specially soap makers and skin care blend makers. It has full qualities of Saffron True and Sandalwood Oil.

Culinary Uses:
Saffron is very popular as a spice in all international cuisines. It is an indispensable ingredient in most Mughlai dishes and erstwhile Mughlai chefs used this herb liberally in the rich concoctions they prepared for the royal table. Saffron gives a beautiful tinge and a special aroma to a dish. It is used in sweets as well as in curries. In India, to serve dishes decorated with saffron is regarded as a mark of honor to the guest and has become the norm rather than the exception.

On account of its coloring and aromatic properties, saffron is used mostly as a food additive in culinary, bakery and confectionery preparation. It is used in several exotic dishes, particularly in Spanish rice specialties and French fish preparations. It is also used for coloring butter, cheese, pudding and pastry. People in Europe and India use it to season various foods.

Medicinal properties:

Saffron finds many uses in Ayurveda, Unani, Chinese and Tibetan medicine. It is popularly known as a stimulant, warm and dry in action, helping in urinary, digestive and uterine troubles.

In Ayurveda, saffron is used to cure chronic diseases such as asthma and arthritis. It is also useful in treating cold and cough. Ayurvedic medicines containing saffron are used to treat acne and several skin diseases. A paste of the spice can be used as a dressing for bruises and superficial sores.

Ancient texts on Ayurveda have information about the herb’s use as an aphrodisiac. It is a stimulant and promotes libido. It is largely used as an indigenous medicine across India. Saffron enjoys great reputation as a drug which strengthens the functioning of the stomach and promotes its action. It also counteracts spasmodic disorders and sustains involuntary muscle contraction.

It is beneficial in the treatment of several digestive disorders. Its use has been found specially valuable in flatulent colic. It is also used in the fevers, melancholia and enlargement of the liver and spleen. It is used in medicines that reduce inflammation. A combination of saffron and ghee is used to treat diabetes. Saffron also merits usage as a strengthening agent for the heart and as a cooling agent for the brain. It has been found beneficial in the treatment of urinary problems. It acts as a diuretic if soaked overnight in water and administered with honey.

The spice is useful in promoting and regulating menstrual periods. It soothes lumbar pains, which accompany menstruation. Saffron is also beneficial in the treatment of other ailments concerning women such as leucorrhoea and hysteria. Pessaries of saffron are used in painful conditions of the uterus. Saffron oil is used as an external application in uterine sores. In modern pharmacopoeias, saffron is employed only to color other medicines or as a cordial adjunct.

It is the saffron seed extract that is used for medicinal purposes in many countries, including Iran, where one of the first studies on the use of saffron for the treatment of depression was conducted.

Saffron may induce abortion, hence pregnant women should not take it in large doses. Saffron bulbs are toxic to young animals and stigmas in overdose are narcotic.

Also, Saffron contains a poison that acts on the central nervous system and damages the kidneys. Large doses can have severe effects; 10 to 12 grams is a fatal dose for human beings. More info about toxicity of Saffron can be found here

Cosmetic Uses
Traditionally saffron is believed to promote fairness of the complexion. It is widely used in cosmetics, specially in fairness creams. It is an age-old belief that pregnant women give birth to ‘fair’ babies, if they consume saffron.

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