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Mukhallat Attar (Paraffin)

Mukhallat Attar (Paraffin)
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Mukhallat attar is a blend of traditional Arabic perfume oil. It is made of Thymus Vulgaris enhanced with Amber oil. The aroma of this attar is woody and musky. This attar is used to prepare perfumery products.

As the English name indicates, the wood of this tree is very heavy, hard and strong. The colour is deep dark red. It is hard to saw and is mainly used for railroad ties and heavy structural timber. In Sri Lanka the pillars of the 14th century Embekke Shrine near Kandy are made of iron tree wood.

The flowers, leaves, seeds and roots have medicinal properties and are used as herbal medicines in India, Malaysia, etc.

Mesua Ferrea flowers are acrid, anodyne, digestive, constipating, and stomachic. They are used in treating asthma, leprosy, cough, fever, vomiting and impotency. The seed oil pacifies vata, and also good for skin diseases and rheumatism.

Dried flowers are used in treating bleeding hemorrhoids and dysentery with mucus, applied externally for itchiness, taken internally for nausea, erysipelas, bleeding piles, metrorrhagea, menorrhagea, excessive thirst and sweating.

In Malaysia and India, a mixture of pounded kernels and seed oil is used for poulticing wounds. The seed-oil is used for treating itch and other skin eruptions, dandruff and against rheumatism. In Java, a decoction of the flowers is drunk by women after childbirth. Qurs-e-Habis is a traditional medicine consisting of the seeds of Wrightia tinctoria, the stamens of M. ferrea, and the shells of pearl oysters (Pinctada margaritifera). Qurs-e-Habis is used as a haemostatic, antidysenteric and antidiarrhoetic. The medicinal properties of the constituents of Qurs-e-Habis, particularly styptic and astringent properties are related to its haemostatic effects. Flowers of M. ferrea exhibit antibacterial activity.

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