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Honey Suckle Attar

Honey Suckle Attar
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Honey suckle is obtained from the flowers of the plants native to India and Pakistan. The natural attar has a deep sensuous scent combined with a relaxing effect. It is extensively used in perfumery, cosmetic industry and as an aromatherapy prodcuct.

Medicinal Uses. A dozen or more of the 100 species of Lonicera or Honeysuckle are used medicinally, the fruits generally having emiticocathartic properties.

The herbage of L. caprifolium, the smaller, or ITALIAN HONEYSUCKLE, of Mid- and Southern Europe, is used as a cutaneous and mucous tonic and vulnerary and the seeds as a diuretic.

L. Periclymenum, our common ENGLISH WILD HONEYSUCKLE, is used similarly and the stems as a substitute or adulterant for Solanum Dulcamara, the Bittersweet.

'The leaves and flowers of Honeysuckle are possessed of diuretic and sudorific properties,' and adds 'a decoction of the flowers has been celebrated as an excellent antispasmodic and recommended in asthma of the nervous kind. An elegant water may be distilled from these flowers, which has been recommended for nervous headache.'

'The Honeysuckle is "neither cold nor binding, but hot and attenuating or making thin. A syrup made of the flowers is good to be drunk against diseases of the lungs and spleen.'

He also recommends it for sores in various parts of the alimentary canal.

Our native Honeysuckle has expectorant and laxative properties. The flowers in the form of syrup have been used for diseases of the respiratory organs and in asthma and the leaves as decoction in diseases of the liver and spleen. It was also considered a good ingredient in gargles.

Honeysuckle essential oil has been used throughout the world for thousands of years to treat many respiratory system conditions.it is used in many diseases such as snakebites, as well as heat from the body. In order to successfully remove heat and poisons, the stems of the flower would be used in acupuncture to stimulate the flow of energy.

Throughout Europe, honeysuckle essential oil was used to aid childbirth in order to comfort and clear toxins and heat from the mother's body.

Today, honeysuckle is widely used in aromatherapy for it's uplifting and free-spirited aromatic benefits. Honeysuckle aids one in getting past regrets and moving forward freely in life.

The Honeysuckle Essential Oil is generally utilized for healing operations. Additionally, our oil is also utilized for heightening Love; Creativity; Luck; Prophetic Dreams; Psychic Awareness; Protection; Divination; Anointing and Clairvoyance.

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