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Styrax Tonkinesis Oil(Loban)

Styrax Tonkinesis Oil(Loban)
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Choya loban Attar is produced by adding benzoin directly and heating it in a special earthern ware. With more volatile principles of gum distilled into receiving vessel, it forms the natural way to produce Choya loban that finds usage in incense business, hawan samagri and other similar applications.

Food: Benzoin’s principal role in foods is as a flavouring agent in chocolate bars, ice cream, milk products, syrups and other products.

Fodder: Young trees are browsed by cattle.

Gum or resins: The resin tapped from the tree trunk is of high quality and suitable for use by the perfume industry. The resin is commercially known as `Siam benzoin'. The benzoin resin is characterized by its content of benzoic acid (10-12%), coniferyl benzoate (65-70%) and more than 20 other aromatic esters. Benzoin resin absolute is thick, brownishyellow oil with a sweet, balsamic odor and a hint of vanilla. Benzoin is used in the manufacture of fragrances which are then compounded and employed in a wide range of end-products which includes personal health care products such as toilet soap, shampoo, body lotion and cream, bath oil, aerosol and talcum powder, and household and other products such as liquid soap, air freshener, fabric softener, washing detergent and other cleaning agents.

Medicine: Siam benzoin is used in modern pharmaceuticals as an inhalant with steam for the relief of cough, laryngitis, bronchitis and upper respiratory tract disorders or as a mild antiseptic. Also, benzoin extract is used in Purol, a wellknown antibacterial powder used to freshen and soothe dry skin and ameliorate skin allergies. It is used in traditional medicine in China to treat rheumatism, coughs, colds, stomach ache and heart burn: it has also been used in the treatment of apoplexy, dizziness, convulsions and glycosuria. A rose and benzoin combination is a pleasant, soothing scent, comforting and warming.

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