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Lotus Oil

Lotus Oil
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Lotus Oil is extracted from the petals of the flower lotus. There are different kinds of lotus oil depending upon the type of lotus which include white lotus oil, Blue Lotus Oil, Pink Lotus Oil etc. It has a beautiful fragrance and popularly used as a perfumes. Lotus Essential Oil is effective in improving skin condition, cure fungal infection, fever, cholera etc. Among the various types of lotus oil Manufacturers in India, we are counted on the top because the products supplied by us are of international standard of quality and free from any kind impurity.

Preparation Methods & Dosage: The flower petals and leaves are typically made into a tea or decoction for internal and external use. They may also be used as a garnish, smoked, floated in soups, and the fresh petals are used as a wrap in Asia. It is also said that the petals steeped in wine or tea have a calming effect.

Health Uses:
Lotus plant oil is said to be used to help promote tranquility and meditation. The Romans used lotus oil to help treat asthma and respiratory infections. The scent of the lotus oil helped to open up the lungs and relax the body. It acts as a common-day vapor rub to the body. The oil is used by breathing it in with deep, long breaths. The oil is also used to help keep the mind focused and the body in sync. According to Mountain Rose Herbs, the lotus plant is used in the Chinese culture to treat diarrhea, cramps, cardiac diseases and gastric ulcers. A lotus plant can also be used to treat bloody discharges, jaundice and hemorrhoids.

Beauty Uses:
According to the Health Care Center, lotus oil can also be used with any regular lotions or skin care items for beauty purposes. The oil is added to lotion or skin care cosmetics when being used. The lotus adds a nice smell to the product. Some use the oil without any products and in small amounts on the skin. Along with these uses, the lotus plant oil can be used to make soaps and candles.

Before using this product for health or beauty purposes, it's best to seek professional medical advice. The product currently has no known negative side effects. However, with any new product added to skin, it may cause rash or irritation. Talking to a health professional will help to ensure that this product is right for you.

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