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Honeysuckle Oil

Honeysuckle Oil
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Honeysuckle is one of the 38 healing flower remedies. honeysuckle is intended to promote emotional healing - to help patients regain hope and live for the present. It is generally recommended for those who dwell on an idealized past and who obsessively focus on the missed opportunities of life.

honeysuckle: The slim petals of the flowers are red on the outside and white on the inside and turn yellow after they are pollinated. This climbing plant, which can grow up to 12ft high, is well known to hikers and gardeners in many parts of the United states.

Caution: The berries are toxic.

Taking the Remedy: Floral remedies are sold in most health food stores, usually as a bottled flower essence. To make a remedy, a few drops of the flower essence, or a combination of essences are typically mixed with spring water. Sip the mixture several times daily.

The honeysuckle temperament: Honeysuckle's relaxing and revitalizing effect is used to help people overcome a negative outlook on life. They are also typically unable to overcome the loss of or separation from a loved one and often dwell on happier times.

Supportive measures: Try to maintain a positive attitude. Practice deep breathing exercises to help you relax. These simple measures may improve your outlook and help you regain hope and vigour.

Honeysuckle for children:Honeysuckle may aid children who are facing traumatic life changes. Honeysuckle may relieve distress and build a child's confidence.

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