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Linden Blossom Absolute

Linden Blossom Absolute
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Linden blossom flowers are made into an aromatherapy oil which is ideal as a natural perfume. It has a warm, floral, honey-like fragrance, with a slight citrus-like note. It may be used in the treatment of headache, insomnia, migraine, and stress.

The Medicinal Properties of Linden Tree
The medicinal herb constitutes part of lime species. “Tilia” is the scientific name for the linden tree. No safety information exists regarding the herb. It is however advisable that you talk to the medical service provider prior to being put on a medication regarding your health issue.

During a spasm, the linden tree may be used in helping in relaxing and calming the muscles. Through its sedative properties it is also able to relieve stress. This allows for spasm and tension to decease. Volatile oil is and active linden flower ingredient. Volatile oils contain sedative properties which allow the herb to assist in relaxing muscle spasms. These also include digestive system spasms.

Those who suffer from anxiety can also use linden trees as the sedative properties on such people. Volatile oil which is the active ingredient will act to calm the body at the stressful times. This is especially helpful in calming someone down so that they can go to sleep. Linden is used in the treatment of nervous palpitation and lowering of the blood pressure that is brought about by nervous tension and stress for animal models.

Volatile oil that is an active ingredient in linden tree gives the tree a great number of sedative properties.

Flu and Colds:
Linden flowers are good resources for inducing sweating and decongestion. Since the herb is able to decongest the body, it may be useful for relieving common cold symptoms. University of Maryland Medical Center has stated that linden in nowadays used in a lot of cough and cold remedies. It helps in decongesting the lungs and nose and as a result treats sinus headaches. Linden reduces fever through inducing of sweating. Linden may be used for keeping fever down if someone contracts flu.

Dry Skin Treatment:
Linden is also useful for helping dry skin. A lot of lotions, especially those made from plants have linden included in them. Its main use includes treating dry skin that is itchy. Their emollient property makes it to be able to heal skin that is dry quickly and relieve itching.

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